segment shaped bra inserts replacements for foam inserts supplied with push-up bras
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Silicone Breast Enhancers...

Segment shaped Bra Inserts are great to add subtle boost with your push up bra - replace the original flimsy foam inserts!

Segment shaped Silicone Bra Inserts / small Breast Enhancers

Crescent shaped silicone and and new foam Segment shapes are small enhancers that make an ideal upgrade for the foam insets that come with push-up bras. These little segments can also be used to good effect with conventional bras to give subtle enhancement. Experimentation with placement within the bra can give different effects to boost size or cleavage.

The curved shape of soft silicone segment enhancers will blend to your body and complement your natural silhouette.

Because you can position the 'Segments' underneath or to the side of the breast you can (with experimentation) get a different look according to the type of effect required.

Silicone segments details (foam version similar size but lightweight may also be available)



Clear Silicone

Size WxH : 4-1/2" X 2" (12cm X 5cm approx.)
Volume : 50cc
Weight : 100g approx. (pair)
Style : Crescent Shaped Silicone Bra Insert
Size guide : Use with A, B & C cup bras'


NEW product: One pair Braza Magic Boost segment shaped lightweight foam bra inserts


Next working day delivey available

Fitting Cookie Segments




Fitting Instructions:

  1. Put you bra on standing in front of a mirror.
  2. Place Cookie Segments inside your bra, with the curved portion underneath the breast close to the bra underwire (or in the bra pockets if applicable).
  3. As indicated in the fitting picture, adjust for final placement according to your preference
  4. Adjust your natural breast and bra for a perfect fit
BoobyBits says...
Cookie Segments can provide subtle enhancement and boost for your natural cleavage and no one will ever know! Use to replace the tiny foam enhancers as supplied with most push-up bra's

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Q: Do most women really wear the wrong size bra?  

Yes, it is estimated that over 70% of women actually wear the wrong size bra! The most common mistake is that of selecting the wrong size Back Band size. Commonly, women may find that their bra's back band is ridding upwards towards the shoulder blades - this means the bra has too big a band size. If this sounds familiar, you may need to select a bra with a smaller back band and possibly larger cups. It is worth getting properly measured; if your band size is wrong the bra will not be a good fit even if the cup size seems OK.

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