Pastease single use adhesive covers in Rockstar and Flower shapes bright colours
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Nipple Care: Adhesive Pasties

Fun Adhesive Nipple Covers

High quality, single use stick on water proof nipple covers - Great Fun!

Choose your favourite colour, shape and style from our special hand picked selections below. Ideal nipple covers for the more daring and can be worn under sheer clothing to great effect.

Of course there is also a great choice of tassled nipple covers for those who desire a little more spice

Q: Want to re-use your adhesive nipple covers?

A: No problem, we supply replacement adhesive backing sets. Supplied in packs of three, they can be used for Pastease and other similar sized adhesive nipple covers.

Q: I am worried about the veins in my chest area, particularly my boobs and the area that forms my cleavage. As I get older they seem to have become more prominent.

A: The skin does become a little thinner and more translucent as we age (this is particularly true for women) and yes, sometimes the veins in the chest area may become a little more visible - basically this is a normal process. They may become more apparent after or during exercising or physical exertion. Some women will notice this more than others. However, if you have any concerns about this please do visit your GP.

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