Mustang twin nipple pump to enlarge and increase nipple size a top nipple enlarger
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Double Nipple pumps or Enlargers: To create larger than average nipples.

Mustang twin Nipple Enlargement Kits

Mustange nipple enlargement systemMustang Nipple Enlarging Kits.
The Mustang vacuum nipple pump system is unique, is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and is made from superior high quality materials.

Users find that after only a few sessions their nipples are larger using a Mustang nipple enlargement system. To cater for the various different sized nipples and the resultant growth after use, cylinders are provide in 2 alternative sizes (15mm & 22mm diameter). The Mustang nipple enlarging system is ideal for both Female and Male nipple enlargement.

Note: Both the 15mm and 22mm wide cylinders are approximately 40mm around 1-½ inches) deep and will accommodate nipples up to this length.

Mustang nipple pump kits are of a high quality and are supplied with a powerful hand pump (with vacuum gauge), quality nipple lotion, instructions, two pair of cylinders and a quality carry case.

Kit includes two pairs of cylinders in 15mm & 22mm and one pair of valves (two sets of 'O' rings).

Real nipple enlargement is possible using a Mustang nipple enlargement kit. With time and dedication it is possible to significantly increase nipple size.

Cylinders are attached to the nipples whereupon the pump and tubing can be detached.



: Clear acrylic nipple cylinders
Size WxH :

All Cylinders have approx. 40mm internal depth

Volume : N/A
Weight : N/A
Style : A Complete Enhancement Kit
Size guide : Use to create larger than average nipples

Mustang Deluxe nipple pump Kit with TWO 15mm and TWO 22mm cylinders

- Special Price! -

£64.99 Fast and discrete delivery available as always
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Mustange nipple enlargement system
Extra 15mm and 22mm cylinders are supplied without connectors
One pair of 15mm and one pair of 22mm cylinders are included in this kit
BoobyBits says...
The Mustang Nipple Pump Kit is impressive in it's quality and potential. We advise customers who desire large nipples, larger than average or even very large nipples to use this equipment slowly over a period of time. This will enable one to monitor nipple size and decide how much larger you still feel you want to increase or enlarge your nipple size. Always follow the instructions provided.

Q: Does nipple enlargement using a vacuum powerd device actually work?

A: Yes. If you desire larger than average nipples, a Mustang nipple pump system could work for you to enlarge the nipples over a number of weeks. Please remember this is a moderately slow process; one cannot achieve permanently 'large' nipples overnight.  Although the nipple(s) will appear dramatically larger after each use, only repeated use will cause this impressive extra size to remain. It may take a number of weeks or months of regular and dedicated use to bring about a significant and permanent increase in size. Please also bear in mind that once any significant increase has been attained, it may not be easily reversed.

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