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High Quality Wild Yam Cream

High Grade Wild Mexican Yam Cream

Our original Wild Yam based product line is no longer available. But, please look below to see that we have located a superb replacement item at an even better price!

NEW Higher Nature 20% product

This High quality, High strength Wild Yam Cream is a
Premium grade product.
With so many low-grade yam products available we had to track down a product that represented the best available!
Wild Yam feminising Cream consists of a combined wild yam root extract in a rich moisturising cream for a real soothing experience. The root of the wild yam (also known as Mexican yam) contains a key nutrient called diosgenin.
A great product to use to help relieve symptoms of the menopause.
Wild Yam is a natural progesterone supplementation and is not known to have any side effects.

When using wild yam cream, apply a small amount to the area of the chest, breast, thigh or tummy and gently massage it in using a circular motion for around 2-5 minutes or until fully absorbed. Each 'cream' tub normally last around 1 month with careful application.

Use drops / tinctures or take capsules as directed.



Wow, a truly high grade Yam cream!


Q: Can a good quality Yam Cream help to feminise?

A: There seems to be a growing number of reports that this is indeed true. We have customers who use this particular high grade product regularly - and they seem to be keeping it thier little secret!

Q: Is there a natural way to help alleviate or control the symptoms of the menopause?

A:There is a strong following for the use of natural herbal products which assist with the relief from some of the symptoms during menopause. We certainly have customers who would not be without this product so we have re-introduced this fabulous high grade natural wild yam product here at BoobyBits!

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