Lola Luna thongs nipple pasties and stickers, nighties, French knickers camisoles
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Fine Lingerie - Fun Extra's
A delightful selection of the more fun side of lingerie with pretty little thongs, nipple stickers and such to adorn and delight you and your partner!
Fun Lingerie including fabulous panties, thongs and nipple wear to name but a few...

BoobyBits says...

We couldn't resist bringing you the above delightful selection of special lingerie items. I am sure you will agree the above is a super collection of high quality cute and exciting little lingerie delights. Extra's to adorn and accentuate your nipples, bust and complement your body generally for fun or formal. We especially love Lola Luna thongs as they are of such a high quality and are so sexy!

Lola luna Zambie thong

Q: A want to wear some stick on nipple wear as a surprise for my partner but worry as I am a little sensitive to adhesive products - any idea's?

A: That's a good question. Some of us are indeed a little sensitive to adhesive products when applied to rather more sensitive area's of our bodies. All products supplied in the UK should be hypoallergenic so as not to cause too much irritation. If you have done the recommended test of applying some of the product to an area of your skin first and the effect is not too bad after a couple of hours or so then everything should be okay. My top tip would be simply to apply the nipple stickers as late as you can and basically get them off as soon as you can (that may be whole idea anyway - tee hee!)

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