Braza Flash Tape is a double sided clothing tape dress hold up adhesive lingerie tape
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Stop embarrassing pop-outs with a quality dress hold up tape

Braza Flash Tape Dress Hold-Up Lingeie Tape

Flash tape dress hold up tapeAnother secret of the stars out of the bag!
Some dresses need a little help from ‘Flash tape’ in order that one does not become over revealed!
The more revealing your fabulous dress is the more you will need some 'secret' security from Flash Tape.
Simply cut the tape into the required lengths and apply to the appropriate areas of your body, unpeel the outer backing layer and position the garment over the tape, that’s it as done (see fitting instructions below)!


Do not use adhesive tape if you have the following conditions:
Over sensitive skin, Open cuts, Blisters, Other skin conditions or skin allergies that require medication or may be sensitive to the application of Flash Tape (adhesive tape).





Size WxH :

5 meter roll / 9 meter Dispenser (see product options below)

Material : hypoallergenic, skin friendly non-toxic adhesive tape
Weight : N/A
Style : Double sided adhesive dress & lingerie tape
Size guide : Cut required length from roll or use the NEW handy dispenser (see below)
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Fash Tape Fitting Instructions:

  1. Ensure any contact skin is free of make-up and / or oily skin conditioners, etc.
  2. Put dress on and adjust for optimum fitting
  3. Whilst standing in front of mirror (preferably full length), check to see where danger points of dress may be. If you do not have a large mirror a helper may be required (try not to giggle too much!)
  4. Cut strips of Flash tape around 3-4 inches long and gently apply to body using a smoothing action
  5. Peel off remaining backing and gently pat clothing onto positioned tape(s) to ensure a good and safe bond
  6. Remove tapes from body before retiring in evening
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NEW Flash Tape with handy dispenser!
Position tapes to hold your dress in place
Flash tape dress hold up tape
BoobyBits says...

There is just no way round it, 'Flash Tape' dress hold-up tape is an insurance policy against embarrassment! This brilliant little product is perfect to keep even the slinkiest and most revealing of dresses under control and prevent red faces! High quality and deserves a definite 10 / 10! Check out the new Dispenser complete with 9 meter roll!


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Q: When I take my bra off I see lines and marks - is this bad?  

A: It can be, this shows that the natural circulation has been restricted. Try wearing your bra a little less, take it off in the evening and treat your breasts and shoulders to a nice easy 5 min massage. We recommend using a quality brand of skin lotion (not oil), sooth your bust as often as you can to maintain good circulation and keep your boobs healthy! Be sure your bra actually fits, if lines and marks are deep and cause discomfort it is very likely time to get fitted for a new bra.

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