Comfy straps soft silicone bra shoulder strap supports for slim and wide strap bra's
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Silicone Shoulder straps provide a little more comfort for the larger bust

Comfy Silicone Bra Strap Holders

Silicone bra shoulder strap supports

Place your bra strap inside the Comfy StrapWear silicone strap holders under your bra shoulder straps to prevent strap slippage and ease digging and shoulder discomfort. Designed to relieve pressure and improve bra support, especially for larger bust sizes.
Discreet under clothing and user-friendly, with no sewing required. Made from medical-grade silicone.

Suitable for most bra's including both the slim and wide strap varieties. Take a look at the other clever little gadgets here to make your bra's a little more comfortable.





Size WxH :

40mm X 75mm

Material : Silicone
Weight : N/A
Style : Soft silicone bra strap supports
Size : One size fits all bra straps
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Comfy Straps Fitting Instructions:

  1. Put your bra on making sure the shoulder bands are adjusted for best fit and comfort.
  2. Place Comfy Straps under each shoulder band making sure the strap is fully inside the Comfy strap silicone cover
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Place your bra strap inside the Comfy Strap

Comfy soft silicone shoulder pads which fit to your bra straps - pure bliss!

Comfy soft silicone shoulder pads which fit to your bra shoulder straps - pure bliss!

Q: I am quite big busted and really finding it hard to locate a bra with wide, comfortable shoulder straps!

A: This sounds like a job for 'Comfy Straps'  These little beauties really do work, aliviateing some of the pressure from the shoulder.
One of the problems with some fancy bras is that they have thin shoulder straps which, after a few hours can cut into the shoulders causing discomfort. Comfy straps have been designed to disperse the weight evenly over a larger area of the shoulder.

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