Braza petal tops adhesive flower and heart shaped nipple covers for next day delivery
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Braza Petal Tops Adhesive Nipple Covers

Nipple Covers Adhesive Stick On single use

Braza Petal Tops Single use adhesive nipple covers. Original Flower and New Heart Shape options.

Braza Petal Tops Petal Tops, natural and discreet adhesive or stick on nipple covers for use under sheer and tight tops. Braza's Petal Tops nipple covers mould to the breast for a secure fit. They have a soft absorbent centre which does not stick to the nipple and come with a non-sensitising skin freindly adhesive backing.

If you need the bra-less look without nipple poke through, Petal Tops are the perfect solution. Petal Tops can prevent the associated nipple show, chafing or soreness when jogging, or playing active sports, etc. Petal Tops adhesive nipple covers are perfect for concealing nipple 'poke through' / show whatever the occasion.  





Size WxH :

6 cm (60mm) accross, approx.

Volume : N/A
Weight : 5g (pair) approx.
Style : Flower shaped single use adhesive nipple covers
Size guide : One size fits all
Qty in pack : 5 Pairs
One Pack Original Braza Petal Tops  


Next working day delivey available
Two Packs Original Braza Petal Tops  


Next working day delivey available
One Pack Heart Shaped Braza Petal Tops


Next working day delivey available
Two Packs Heart Shaped Braza Petal Tops


Next working day delivey available
'Heart Shape' Sorry, heart shape sold out.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Ensure the skin is clean and free of all potentially greasy cosmetic products.
  2. Standing in front of a mirror, experiment with positioning to achieve the best fit and look.
  3. Peel off the protective backing from your Braza Petal Tops and apply to the nipple area making sure to position correctly.
  4. Gently smooth down to ensure product is fully sealed to the skin
  5. Remove your Petal Tops adhesive nipple covers before retiring
  6. Don't forget to do a 'skin test' as per the enclosed instructions if you have not previously used Braza adhesive products.
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  What else could I use but Braza Petal Tops!

BoobyBits says...

Braza Petal Tops are a very well designed nipple cover and can prevent nipple poke through with sheer clothing exactly as intended. The special design of this product is unique, often copied but never equalled or bettered!


Thank goodness for Braza Petal Tops!

Q: Want to re-use your adhesive nipple covers?

A: No problem, we supply replacement adhesive backing sets. Supplied in packs of three, they can be used for Pastease and other similar sized adhesive nipple covers.

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